Becoming a Harbor Group Management Vendor

If you are a vendor that needs to be set up to provide services and process invoices with Harbor Group Management, then you’ve come to the right place. You are a true partner to us and we value our professional relationship with you, so our goal is to make the process as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. Getting Started

To become compliant with Harbor Group Management insurance requirements, and to be included in its online purchasing and electronic invoice processing platform you must:

  1. Provide a W-9 & New Vendor Form to your Harbor Group Management contact.
  2. Register with RealPage Vendor Credentialing and provide insurance documentation per the attached list (requirements may vary depending on your organization's risk level in vendor compliance).
    NOTE: Your business will be categorized as an onsite or offsite vendor based on whether your business category typically visits the property or never visits the property. Onsite vendors are required to provide proof of insurance (general liability, excess liability, auto and workers’ compensation). Offsite vendors are not required to provide proof of insurance, and can be designated exempt only by the chief operating officer. An exempt vendor will not need to enroll in RealPage Vendor Credentialing.
  3. Enroll in Ops Technology, our purchasing and electronic invoice processing platform.
    NOTE: If you are a non-exempt vendor you must sign the Harbor Group Vendor Agreement.
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2. Join RealPage Vendor Credentialing

To join RealPage Vendor Credentialing you must: 

  1. Call RealPage to enroll at 888-493-6938. You will be asked to provide company information and pay an annual enrollment fee.
  2. Once you have assembled the documents on the checklist they should be scanned and emailed to
  3. NOTE: All processing is done through RealPage. Do not send documents to Harbor Group Management corporate headquarters or properties.
  4. After you have submitted your documents, you can check on the status of your registration on RealPage’s website using the username and password that RealPage will give you, or you can call 888-493-6938.
  5. If you are not approved in RealPage, provide this virtual office hours link and one-page step by step guide to your insurance agent to schedule a virtual office hour with a licensed RealPage representative.
  • Until you have been approved as compliant you may not be hired as a vendor.
    • Doing work prior to approval will delay payment and put you at risk of losing your vendor status with Harbor Group Management.
    • Becoming an approved vendor does not guarantee being hired.
    • You should contact our on-site property staff or a corporate contact to be hired as a vendor.

If you are a current RealPage Approved Vendor you can login here:

For customer service questions about RealPage:

Check Out the Quick Step Guide


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3. Join Ops Technology

Once you’ve joined Compliance Depot and sent in a W-9 & New Vendor form to your Harbor Group Management contact, you will receive a vendor invitation code to join Ops Technology – our online purchasing and electronic invoice processing platform. From there you will be able to register to become a part of the Ops Technology Vendor Network. After you are registered, Harbor Group properties are able to send work authorizations to you electronically and you will submit electronic invoices to Harbor Group Management properties for processing via:
For further information Ops Technology please contact Ops Technology at:
Phone: 844-RPVENDOR